„Поддерживать и одобрять то, что сегодня у конкретного ребенка получилось лучше, чем вчера.“
Мария Монтессори
August 2016 

AMI Affiliated Societies Newsletter
Dear AMI Affiliates,

We hope that you have been enjoying a warm Summer break and are excited to hear of the latest updates regarding your fellow Affiliated Societies. In this newsletter, we would like to share a few announcements, followed by various press releases from some of our Affiliated Societies worldwide.

As the role of the Affiliated Society includes conveying Montessori's ideas, and ensuring that these ideas are shared and communicated to the wider public so that the Montessori voice is heard at all levels, this newsletter may assist in boosting that voice, and yours, globally. We would like to keep everyone up to date with other societies' activities, upcoming events, or internal and/or external changes that may have taken place. We see this as an opportunity for all of our affiliates to familiarise themselves with one another's work, and take advantage, as some of you may be organising similar activities and challenges and experiences that are worth sharing.

We look forward to connecting with you and supporting you all as you continue your work, which is very much appreciated, as is your dedication.

AMI Website Update
As you are aware, we are currently updating the Section of the Affiliated Societies on the AMI website and have been receiving an extensive amount of photographs, logos, and descriptions from all of you. We very much appreciate all of the information that has been sent to AMI, and hope to have the website updated by the end of the Summer. If you have not yet already sent in these items, then please do so to affiliates@montessori-ami.org.
AMI Canada: Big Vision - Bright Future
We would like to congratulate our Canadian associates, who, on 29 June 2016, voted to dissolve the Montessori Society of Canada (MSC), and incorporate their services into a new Affiliated Society, AMI Canada. For more information on the outcome of this vote, please click here to access their press release regarding this momentous occasion. 
Montessori Australia Foundation 
We would also like to take this opportunity to notify all of our affiliates that the Montessori Australia Foundation has moved out of the premises at 3 Myoora Road Terrey Hills, and now operates a virtual office.

Please amend your records to remove the Terrey Hills address and replace with the postal address:
PO Box 82 Five Dock NSW 2046 Australia. Their phone, fax and email addresses remain the same.

We would like to share with you the AMI Membership card cover letter that our Chinese Affiliated Society re-created for their collective members. Their aim was to make their members feel as if they were receiving a platinum credit card and therefore wanted to make a new cover design. They also added in a detailed description of an AMI membership and what the membership benefits include, which all had a Chinese translation next to it. We think these look wonderful and thank our Chinese affiliates for their hard work and creativity! 
Czech Republic - Prague Congress
The next International Montessori Congress will take place from 27 to 30 July 2017 in Prague, Czech Republic. This will be a large-scale educational congress, with the aim of raising worldwide awareness and understanding of Montessori education, as well as being able to provide a platform for Montessori professionals to connect with one another.

For more information please click this link.

Board Member Announcements
Switzerland - Association Montessori Suisse
The Association Montessori (Suisse), section romande et italienne, elected a new board during its last General Assembly on 10 May 2016. The Board is now made up of 9 members, 7 new, and 2 from the last Board: Emilie Poget who remains the Treasurer, and Philippa Romig, who will ensure continuity...

To read more on this, please click here.
(Photograph on right: Emeline Weymaere, President of the Association Montessori (Suisse))

AMI/USA has been preparing for a strategic planning retreat prior to the July's Board Meeting. We were excited to examine how we can continue to provide valuable services to our members, and strengthen the AMI Montessori community in the United States. At the same meeting, we were happy to welcome two new members: Durkin Ledgard and Zachary Nauth, who will both take seats on the AMI/USA Board of Directors. We said our farewell to Adam Lewis, who has served AMI/USA faithfully in many different capacities for nearly thirty years, as well as Roger Ochs, who has provided considerable knowledge to the Board's activities...

To read more on this please click here.

Press Releases
Russia - Montessori Public Fund

This year a brand new program for Adolescents will start in Moscow Region - the first one in Russia. The Adolescent Community is organised by GURANYA Montessori School, which is a branch of the Montessori Public Fund - the affiliate of AMI in Russia...

To read more on this, please click here.
Montessori Association of Thailand

After many years of planning we are excited that a Training of Trainers program is beginning in Thailand this month. Shannon Helfrich ,who has worked in Thailand on many occasions, will begin the first seminar and a 3-6 course will commence with trainers Lilian Bryan and Madlena Ulrich in 2017.  We hope to be able to have up to 30 Thai Montessori teachers eventually able to train in Thailand in their native language so that we may achieve the sustainability for Montessori in our public schools we have been aiming for...

To read more on this please click here

Representatives from Chukmuaywitaya School in Nong Khai, with Kannekar Butt,
Christine Harrison, Chitra Achar and Bill Conway

Sweden - AMI Alumni Sweden - Upcoming events in 2016 - 2017 
14 - 15  October 2016
AMI Conference at Vasaskolan, in Stockholm featuring guest speakers: 
Ann Winström: AMI 3-6/ 6-12
Barbra Waller: AMI 0-3/ 3-6
Solveig Henneguir: AMI 3-6

10 - 11 March 2017
AMI Conference at Farm School in Sätilla, Sweden featuring preliminary guest speakers, all of whom are AMI Directors of Training: 
Jenny Marie Höglund: AMI 3-6/ 6-12;
Alison Awes: AMI 3-6/ 6-12;
Cha Cha Vidales: AMI 0-3;
Irene Fafalios: AMI 0-3/ 3-6/ 6-12;

All Spring 2017 lectures will be held in English.
AMI members as well as non AMI applicants are welcome. For further information please contact AMI Alumni Sweden's Chairman of the Board - Christina Wahlgren Ek at christina.w.ek@palmulnds.se 
Our Office Manager at AMI, Nina Monfils, has just finished the Orientation to Adolescent Studies course at the Montessoriskolan Lära för livet, at the Farm School in Sãtilla, Sweden. She recently shared these photographs of where she was staying, and has written to us expressing how much she's been enjoying it over the past month. 

Ukraine - Support and Development of Maria Montessori in Ukraine

Our Ukrainian Affiliated Society invited Patricia Wallner, an AMI 0-3 Trainer, to hold an academic research seminar over the weekend, 30 - 31 July 2016. We would like to congratulate them on a successful weekend seminar and to thank them for their hard work they are doing on behalf of AMI to bring Montessori education to the notice of other organisations, teachers and parents. Here is a photograph of all the participants and organizers that attended the seminar.
We hope you have enjoyed our newsletter and should you require more information regarding any affiliate related issues, please contact us via affiliates@montessori-ami.org.

Thank you,

Kind regards,
Candice von der Wehl
Affiliated Societies & Membership Coordinator