„Поддерживать и одобрять то, что сегодня у конкретного ребенка получилось лучше, чем вчера.“
Мария Монтессори


With great pleasure we welcome you to participate in the full official AMI course, which will be hosted in Odessa, Ukraine, for the first time by Maria Montessori Academy – the First Montessori Training Center in Ukraine.

The present course trains specialists for work with children of age group from 3 to 6 years old and fully corresponds to the same AMI courses, hosted all over the world. The Course will finish with the final examinations. Having successfully passed them, the students get AMI diploma 3-6 (Casa dei Bambini).

Course Dates::

1st module: 10 Jan – 14 Jan , 2022 (1 week) – Online
2nd module: 31 Jan – 11 Mar, 2022 (6 weeks) – Online
3rd module: 28 Mar – 6 May, 2022 (6 weeks) – On-site
4th module: 5 Sep – 4 Nov, 2022 (9 weeks) – Online
5th module: 5 Dec – 14 Dec, 2022 (2 weeks) – Online
6th module: 2 Jan – 27 Jan, 2023 (4 weeks) – On-site

Course schedule and module format can be changed due to the Trainer’s schedule or force-majeure reasons.


Course Director – Lakshmi Shekhar

Лакшмі ШекхарAMI 3-6 Montessori Trainer, has Master’s degree on English literature, is AMI certified at both Primary and Elementary levels, has more than 18 years of classroom experience and brings that practical experience in guiding adult learners. Lakshmi's strength as a competent guide comes from a deep understanding of the Montessori philosophy and implementing the core principles to create an optimal prepared environment.

The course will be held in English with the consecutive interpretation into Russian.

If you are unable to come to the Training Center due to restrictions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, you will be given the opportunity to connect remotely. PLEASE NOTE that joining the lectures online is not a choice but an option when this is absolutely necessary.

In the event of any implications related to a pandemic situation, АМI, the trainer and the training center staff hasten to offer our full cooperation with a view to the success of your completion of the course.

The Course consists of 28 weeks of education (10 weeks on-site and 18 weeks online). During breaks between modules students should do obligatory theoretical and practical tasks for the successful completion of the course.

The primary course requires:
• 90 hours of observation. The observations are done in a continuum. (Observation will be done in classrooms. Details will be provided during the course. Observations will take place both during the Course and during the months between Course modules).
• 120 hours of teaching practice. The Teaching Practice is done under the supervision of Course staff, working with children aged 3-6 years.

Timing for ONLINE sessions:
• ZOOM platform
• 18:00 - 21:00 GMT+ 3 (Kiev time) (75 minutes; 20-minute break; 85 minutes)
• 5-day training week including three Saturdays: 12.02.2022, 19.02.2022, 26.02.2022.

Presence at all the lectures with the web camera on is obligatory – minimum 90% for the exams permission.

Schedule of lectures for on-site seminars:
• Training Center in Odessa
• full day 8:30 - 16:30 GMT+3 (Kiev time), with one-hour lunch break
• 5-day training week, including three Saturdays: 09.04.2022, 16.04.2022, 23.04.2022.

At the beginning of study the students should sign the Agreement. In case of personal reasons that don’t allow to continue the study at the present course, a student has the right to continue his study at the next course of Maria Montessori Academy or at any other АМI course 3-6 all over the world due to AMI Regulations on giving time.

AMI Diploma after the completion of the Course is the absolute proof of the highest quality of Montessori-education, acknowledged all over the world. Diploma is filled out in English, has a unique number and is registered in AMI and the Maria Montessori Academy’s Registry. The information on Diploma from the Registry is provided on request.

Demands to the students: higher education, undergraduate degree or vocational school or college of any profile; providing with all necessary documents, including medical certificates for work with children of early age.

Provided gifts and bonuses for students are:
• Execution of the obligatory total package of membership in AMI and The Public Organization “Support and Development of Montessori in Ukraine”, AMI Affiliate in Ukraine, for the whole period of study.
• Participation in the workshop on administrative forms of paperwork used in school from the lead specialists
• Basic Overview of the Nature of the Child 0-3

Financial Course conditions and the schedule of payments:

Registration Fee: 99 €*
Course Fee: 5 900 €*
The method of payment can be agreed with the Training Centre.

For the registration, please, fill in the registration form

The Course cost includes:

The review of the documents of the potential student of AMI for the Course acceptance (including translation them into English), the educational process managing, the full course of lectures and practical activities led by the Trainer and her Assistants, translator services, using the internet platform for online lectures and the content of the Course, advisory services for the preparation of the compulsory materials for the Course, some hand-out (including compulsory one for the material preparation and album presentation), recommendations for the educational practice on the work with children in the active 3-6 Montessori-classes due to AMI standard, checking and one-time (before the examination) revision of the albums, checking and reviewing of the external assignments, advisory services and taking the final exams, (including the arrival of AMI examiners for the administering the exams), and also providing with the translator from Russian into English for taking the exam before the AMI International Commission at the end of the Course, membership fees to AMI and to PO “Support and Development of Montessori in Ukraine”, AMI Affiliate for the educational period, participation in the graduation ceremony.

The cost of the Course DOES NOT include:

travel, accommodation and meals for students, purchasing of literature and stationery products, purchasing of materials for compulsory tasks performance, personal technical communication devices for the lectures in online format, searching places for the performance of the tasks on watching children during the breaks between the modules of the Course, in case of no possibility of watching within the provided by the organizers terms on the recommended locations, additional revising of albums and re-examinations (in case of unsatisfactory performance of the tasks), additional lectures for the completion of the missing ones. Providing medical, psychological help, advisory services that are beyond the pale of the Course.

Taking care of environment, cleaning and other duties in educational environment (performed by students as a practice on the environment care).


• In case of not attending the Course the paid amount is non-refundable and non-compensated.

Your pay-in confirms that you accept the above mentioned conditions of receiving the services and are obliged not to record and/or not to distribute the materials of the Course (not to publish, not to place on the Internet sites, not to copy, not to give or sell to third persons). Neither part of materials can be reproduced in any form by means of any modes (including Internet, corporate networks, for public or collective use), by this you understand, that the violation of the authors’ rights will cause the statutorily required responsibility, including the payment of compensation to the rights holder.


1. fill out the registration form
2. pay the registration fee (the account details will be sent via email)
3. also you’ll get the list of documents required for the admission to the desired course. Submit your documents for diploma enrollment and your application will be reviewed by training center
4. After your candidacy met all the criteria to be enrolled in the course, you’ll get an agreement to be signed and the details for payment of tuition fees

Informational support is provided via e-mail.

on working days: Mon-Fri since 10:00 till 14:00

*The price in Euro is mentioned for promotional purposes, which is recalculated at the moment of payment due to the commercial course of Euro sale adding 2% of the bank commission.

By making any payment, you confirm that you agree to the terms indicated on the site.